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Art of Alignment 1

Module 1 - Self ApplicatioN

Techniques that I have learned and practiced over 24 years are gathered here, for you to learn and apply these techniques of cleansing, balancing, and energetic protection to yourself in a very simple, practical, and quick way.

After cleansing what is not yours, detoxifying what your patterns have been led by the environment to produce, you can be yourself again, full of clarity, vitality, intuition, joy, so that you can express yourself freely and naturally, and thereby feel happier, healthier, and passionate about life.

If you have recently been through a situation that disturbed you, or you feel stuck in some area of your life, or if you have emotional, health, or energetic blockages, this training will help you transform these stagnant energies and lead you to connect with your healing life force and experience well-being.


  • Achieve heart coherence and therefore more intuition and resilience.

  • Connect with your self-healing ability, with more health, energy, and joy.

  • Connect with your true self, and thereby become more self-confident and have more

  • self-esteem.

  • Align the 7 main chakras.

  • Balance the 3 personal creative portals, allowing you to create the life you desire.

  • Balance the 3 centers responsible for physical energy and health, emotional balance, and connection with your divine part.

  • Correct your crystalline grid to allow for better physical health.

  • Cleanse everything that is not yours or that was created in misalignment.

  • Free yourself from people who drain your energy.

  • Relieve accumulated tension and stress.

  • Bring greater vitality and relaxation to the body.

  • Release stagnant emotions.

  • Release stagnant energies.

  • Have more vitality.

  • Have more intuition.

  • Bring more inner peace and a general sense of well-being.

  • Protect yourself against external energies.


We will use various techniques to expand our capacity to feel, such as breathing, meditation, chi kung, mentalizations, visualizations, mantras, mudras. These "tools" will help us have greater awareness and clarity of who we really are. And with that, we will release, cleanse negative energies, recharge ourselves with healing energies, and thus free our stagnant emotions and energies, allowing them to flow freely so we can truly be ourselves with pure authenticity.

DATE: May 4th (Saturday), from 9am to 1pm.

Price: €62/person

Registration and information:


USE THIS LINK and tlm +351 964223490

Location: Carvoeira (Mafra)

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